Rifted is my first foray into science fiction, though a more accurate description might be fantasy with sci-fi elements. It is written for an adult audience. This was my 2015 NaNoWriMo project. I won on 26 November with 51,895 words.

Here’s the query letter:

Charles and Kate are nearing the end of their lives when a rift in space-time transports them millions of years into the future. Not only does the rift make them young again, it switches the sex of their bodies. Kate and Charles are parents who have outlived their children and thousands of generations of their family. Having lost everything except each other, they only want to grow old together again despite the awkwardness of a double sex change and the strangeness of their new surroundings.

The archaeologists, whose equipment malfunction caused the rift, become their new community and teach Charles and Kate that the last remnant of humanity now lives on the planet Salvus: a world ruled by two nations which share a tenuous peace. Kate and Charles’s arrival stirs the deep mistrust between the two governments. The Salvusians of both nations believe the two ancient humans—as the parents of their race—can provide answers about their identity and purpose; answers which they have sought for millennia as orphans lost among the stars.

When Charles and Kate are abducted by one of the governments, they find themselves at the center of an escalating, planet-wide war fought between their descendants. Caught in their children’s crossfire, Kate and Charles must wrest control of their lives from the governments and win peace, or watch the last of humanity extinguish itself. But the price of peace might cost them everything again, including the chance to grow old together once more.

Rifted is adult science-fiction, complete at 99,500 words.