About Me

Hi! I’m Christopher. I’m a husband and a father with an amazing family.

My Family at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.

I’m the author of a children’s picture book, a crossover Young-Adult / Adult Fantasy series, an Adult Science-Fiction, and a YA historical fantasy. None of it is published yet, but I’m working on it with traditional publishing in mind.

Every time I finish a story, I wonder how I’ll come up with another story idea but it never fails. I never know when an idea will hit me, so I carry a composition notebook everywhere I go. After finishing my 5th novel, I let my brain rest for 2 days and it suddenly spewed out two fresh ideas. I’m getting quite the backlog of stories to write.

I earned my B.S. from The University of Findlay, and my M.Div. from Duke University. Currently, I work at First United Methodist Church in Mount Vernon, Indiana. It allows me to build relationships with lots of people. I’m a member of SCBWI and a NaNoWriMo loser and winner.

Places I’ve lived include Evansville, Findlay, Durham, Terre Haute, and Fort Wayne, with a few other small towns across Indiana and North Carolina sprinkled in-between. (Yeah, I get around).

Find me on Twitter: @TheMillay.

Find me on Instagram: christophermillay.

Find me on the NaNoWriMo site: christophermillay.

Find my blog… Wait, you’re already here.




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