NaNoWriMo @2/3

I am losing NaNoWriMo so hard this year. My word count is a pitiful 14,446 and there’s no hope I’ll catch up. But, my writing has not been my main project this November. Other people’s writing has been instead.

That’s why I think this might be my biggest win ever. Not for what I’m writing, but because of what some really awesome kids are doing. Roughly twenty-five students at Mount Vernon Junior High School are participating in this year’s National Novel Writing Month Young Writers Program. They each have a personalized word-count goal and they came up with their own novel ideas.

Three teachers are staying after school every Friday so their students can participate in a write-in. I’ve been joining them to help in whatever way I can. They open up their Macbooks or iPads and start typing away.



I love their excitement and passion for writing their novels. Their story ideas are fabulous! The young writers represent everything from survival thrillers to mysteries to zombie dinosaurs (I’m not sure what genre to put that in) to space operas. It has been amazing to see their imaginations at work.

The students who meet their word-count goal get to go to a bookstore and pick out two books: one for their own library, and one for the school’s library with a dedication to the student in the cover.

My emphasis has been a little different. Whether anyone meets their word-count goal or not, there is no such thing as “losing” NaNoWriMo. Come December 01, they’ll each have a good start on a novel. That’s a win no matter what.