Satisfaction and Sorrow

A deep sense of satisfaction comes with finishing a novel. Yet, tempering that euphoria, a sense of sorrow demands to be felt as well. I oscillate between this: “I’m done! Holy smokes, I’m done!” and this: “Crumbs. I’m going to miss this character. I can’t believe I’m done.”

It actually makes the conclusion of a story hard for me to write. I simply don’t want this character out of my head. I don’t want to say goodbye. I don’t want the time I’ve spent with this now-intimate friend to be over.

Today, I finished my YA Historical Fantasy, The Sign of Psyche. It clocks in at 85,500 words. For now, I have to say goodbye to Eupeithis and Orthios. The good news is, I’ll be back to check on them soon. A revision must happen. Revision is a kind of reunion. But for now, my friends have left me in a state of melancholy joy.

I think I’ll go read a good book.