Draft Day!

Today is Draft Day!

The 99th running of the Indianapolis 500 ran earlier (Congrats to Montoya on his second win!). Lots of drafting happens in the race, but this draft day is not about the IRL.

Nor is it about the NFL, MLB, NHL, or NBA.

It’s not even about beer (though the day is still young).

No, this draft day is about a milestone only writers get to experience. Today, after 109,231 words in Scrivener, I put the final period in the rough draft of my third novel, INCURSIONS.

Whoo Hoo! High five to myself!

Draft days are great, but they’re weird. They’re a mixture of things. I’m stoked! I finished a book! That’s seriously awesome! At the same time, I’m not remotely done with it. I’ll go through a lot more drafts before I’m satisfied. A LOT more drafts!

Then there’s the fact that I immediately starting thinking of how to begin the fourth book in this series. This story, as a whole, is not done. I’ve got another book to write, perhaps two, before I get to the conclusion I foresee.

Yet, despite the fact that there’s a lot of work ahead of me, this is a draft day. And that’s worthy of a little celebration.



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